Monday, 18 April 2016


Hello everyone!

How many times have I said “I recommend you this tool because it is really easy to use, it is original, it is perfect for student...” and so on? But I’m sure that, even for the easiest tool in the world, you have spent time discovering how it works and to be honest, when you find it out you are like...

So imagine how difficult can be for students. 
We can’t forget that some of the activities we carried out during this project, are going to be developed by children as well. For that reason, it is essential for them to have a knowledge of the tool’s functioning. And why don’t use a tool to explain how other tool works? Remember that this is the ICT blog so… LET’S GO!  
In this new task, the History Group (Rubén, Nieves, Gabi, Laura, Salva and me) had to face the challenge of explaining students how to use an online tool. We decided that it was a good idea to create a slideshow in order to teach how to create their own comic with an advanced tool: Pixton. Our peer Rubén used it in other challenge and he thought that the tool provides a wide range of possibilities and that it would be interesting to show pupils how it works so as to take the most of it.
Thinking of explaining our students in a brief, clear and easy way how to use Pixton, we picked Google Slides to do it. As a result, we have created a slide show with all the main different steps to create properly a comic.
We chose Google Slide to create our slideshow because it is an easy tool really similar to Power Point that we all manage perfectly; and also because it let us work together being each one on its own home. So that, we saved time and we could work coordinated as a perfect team.
The structure of the slideshow follows the correct order of the different steps to use Pixton. It starts showing how to sign up and create a new account and finishes showing how to complete a comic. To make it more visual, we did screenshots of the different steps and emphasized it with red arrows and squares. The unique problem we had struggled with has been precisely emphasizing those buttons or elements essential to use Pixton. Google Slides does not allow you to create a red line square; you can just create a filled square. So that, you must create each read line independently and it is difficult to make them perfectly straight.
In spite of this fact, Google Slides is a great tool in order to teamwork online and create any sort of presentation. In the same way, Pixton is and incredible tool for students to create any story and also represent a specific historical period.
When we finished the slideshow, our teacher suggested us to make the challenge more complete by adding our own voice to explain it, it would be more attractive for students as well as more clear. Finally, we decided to use Movenote to add Laura’s voice.
This tool was really easy to use and perfect to satisfy our necessities, since it allows us to add the voice in each slide so that the sound and the picture are perfectly coordinated. When we saw the final outcome we realized that adding the voice was a great idea since it changed the work for the better.

Here you can check our slideshow (and you can check it also here)


  1. Congratulations Ana!!!!!! I really like your blog. Fun and friendly. I 'm sure you will be a great teacher ;)

    1. Thank you Paola, I'm glad you like it! ;)