Friday, 15 April 2016


Hello everybody! ;) 

I want to show you the work that my classmate and friend Gabriela Márquez and I did after the "Choco-talk" challenge! This challenge was promoted by and the aim was to carry out a live conference between classmates in which we talked about CLIL and other different aspects.
In this case, Gabriela and I played the role of content-curators, in other words, the responsible to write and gather all the information that was given during the conference.  
Before starting the live chocotalk, we decided to utilize "Storify" as the online tool to develop our comments and description. This tool works as an usual blog but the difference lies in that you can upload tweets, YouTube videos, links, images from the own page.
As as result, we were given a new badge:
The final outcome was great and allows us to remember the main topics, comments, tweets and pictures of the talk. So... without further ado... our blog about the Chocotalk!
Hope you enjoy it and know more about our experience!


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