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Hello everybody!
In this task we had to make a lesson plan

On this post I would like to share with you my e-project draft which is called “Becoming Romans Journalists”. The objective of our task, was to develop a lesson plan using ICT tools.
To organize my draft, I have followed the template that our teacher gave us. In my opinion, using this sort of charts are really useful as they allow you to follow the steps and to structured it in a very visual way.
Here you have the link to my e-project document:
As you can see, the topic of my project is “The Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula” which, according to the curriculum, had to be carried out in 4th grade thorugh Social Sciences subject.
As a general rule, when I am asked to prepare these kind of tasks, I’m used to create Natural Science programs because I think I’m better explaining this subject. But in this case I want to prove myself and demonstrate that History can also be developed in an amusing way.
Other reason for me to prepare this project is that I have realized during my traineeship that teachers do not give enough importance to History topics. In my opinion, through these project students will understand lot of interesting concepts and contents of this period and I will encourage their enjoyment of history.
To make this task more engaging, I have prepared a short video in which I intend to catch students attention. I used the same tool as in my 3,2,1 Introduction because I really like the final product and I get used to it. The tool is called Powtoon and I hardly recommend you since it is really easy to use and allows you to work with a wide range of possibilities. You can use this tool in informal presentations as well as in formal ones, being original in the tool selected.
As I said before, my idea was to create an original and dynamic video so that you can see the main aspects of my project, trying not to write so much information as the whole lesson plan is in the other document. The purpose of it was to prepare a presentation of the project that engage people.

Here is the link to my e-project video:

Hope you like it!



Hello teachers!

Here I am writing one more post that you might find interesting.
As you know, in our Masters’ we are supposed to work in different “missions” related to ICT, but in this case, we were asked to assess an e-project carried out by one of our last year classmates.
In this task I have evaluated the following e-project:
The e-project is about “Landscapes” and it’s really interesting how the author uses many tools to develop the topic. The main reason I chose it is because, at first sight, the topic looks too simple for developing an ICT project but I find quite interesting the way of carried it out.
At first, evaluating a project seems quite easy, but you have to pay attention to many details and to be analytic enough, that’s the reason why we use different rubrics to know which aspects should we bear in mind (if you want to know which rubrics I used please click here and here).
Once I had evaluated the project I had to make an online presentation to show my conclusions. I utilized a free online tool called I had never used this website before and I really like it since it allows you to add plenty of resources such as links, pictures, slideshows and lot of contemporary templates.
The tool I have used is called

Moreover, this tool provides you their own pictures and images that you can add in your presentations. Using this resource, it’s not necessary to look for pictures on the internet and as a consequence, the license.
Initially, it is quite complicated to get used of managing the tool, above all adjusting the time you want every element to appear.
As I see it, evaluating an e-project helps you in the development of your own work. You can be aware of the improvements you can add, the organization, take some ideas… and pay attention to strengths and weaknesses of projects. Besides you can improve your critical thinking.
In conclusion, although this web is less intuitive than others (like Power Point) is more complete, different and catchy so I won’t doubt in apply it as a part of my classes and also in my academic life.
Here you have my assessment in case you want to have a look:
Thanks for visiting me and do not hesitate to add your comments and suggestions!