Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Hello there :)

Well, you know that all good things come to an end... and now it is time for me to present the last challenge I carried out in the ICT subject. And... what better way to say goodbye than a virtual tour through all the challenges developed during the term!
It is incredible to reach this last challenge, because it seems like only yesterday when I opened this blog with my first post and I didn't know what to write or explain... and here I am talking about my last ICT task. I should admit that, when I started this subject, I didn't know how to use ICT resources in the classroom. However, in the past few months, I have known many tools and resources, all of which have broaden my vision about the area. Definitely, although at times it hasn't been easy, looking back I have to say that it has been worthwhile.
Some of you may have followed me in this months and, as you have seen in this blog, in this subject we have developed an extensive work. The aim of this last challenge was to disseminate that work and make a presentation . In order to create an organized presentation of each module, I started this challenge preparing what I wanted to highlight along the presentation. The
following step was to gather all the screenshots and materials that could be utilized as visual sample to accompanied my words, for that, I used this blog and the links I uploaded throughout the term.
Once all the information was well organized, I had to choose an adequate tool to make my presentation. As always, my teacher Mª Jesús provided us with many webs and tools. I had used some of them in other challenges, such as Genial.ly, so I decided to select a different one to broaden my possibilities. After checking all of them, I decided to use Present.me, because it was the best adapted to my necessities.
The tool presents many advantages, for example you can choose between four options: upload the presentation together with a video or with an audio, use only a slide or a video. This option makes the tool really practical and intuitive, since you only need to upload the presentation and add the detail you prefer.

Other advantage is that the slides of the presentation have to be played manually. In this way, if you are recording your voice, you can adapt the time of each slide to your discourse requirements. Moreover, I would also highlight an option that the tool provides: when you have already finished your work, if you click on the "edit button" (Picture 1) it allows you to get the embed code as well as creating a license for your presentation (Picture 2):

Nevertheless, the tool presents many limitations too. The main drawback is that you need premium account if you want to developed more than three presentations and also if you want to use particular resources. Besides of that, if you want to delete an specific section of your speech and repeat it, you can't. With this tool you only can edit the last part of your discourse.
Definitely, as every tool, it has some pros and cons but I have to say that I am really satisfied with the final result it offered. What I like the most of Present.me is that you can create the whole presentation (including the video and audio) using a single tool.
Without further ado, here I leave you my presentation using the tool, I hope you like this virtual journey.


And remember, as I said in the presentation, this is not the end of the blog because I intend to continue uploading resources and ideas that you can find interesting.

It is not a matter of goodbye, but see you soon

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