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Hello teachers :)

OMG I have lost my materials

I have a question for you, as teachers, have you ever found something really interesting surfing on the Internet and few days later you don’t  know what was it about or where do you downloaded it? It happened to me and I’m sorry to say that we might have lost lot of interesting materials.

So here I am, ensuring that it never happen again ;)

In this post I’m going to talk about a web that allows us to put our “teacher’s thoughts” in order… Pinterest!
Pinterest as an organizer webtool
This webtool works as a real board in which you can organize and keep your information (which are not only referred to Education) as you prefer. A brief description and a representative picture is added to the “Pint” material, I think that this possibility is really convenient since allows you to have a slight idea about what are you going to see.Moreover, this organizer is now widespread on the Internet, so you can take the most of other’s contributions. It has also increased the number of pages which have added the “Pinterest Bottom” which allows you to keep the material immediately. I really love this option.
I would like to share with you my board on Pinterest, it is called “Learning through CLIL” (click on my board's title if you want to take a look). As you can imagine, in it you will find resources related to CLIL and Education. I also recommend you to check the collaborative Pinterest’s board that my classmates and I are preparing.

I really love the idea of sharing information with others because it will enrich us as teachers since million of minds work better than one single person. I have seen some of our resources and they are just great, it's nice to realize that if you need any information or material, you will probably find it in a specific place.
Here you have the link to our collaborative board: 

Hope you find this post interesting and don't hesitate to make suggestions and comment! 

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