Monday, 22 February 2016

From chaos to order thanks to MINDMAPS

Hello Teachers! :) 

In this post I would love to show you a web which I have recently discovered working on mindmaps
First of all, I would like to describe the online web I have used "", which is completely free.
From the beginning I was sure about the idea of creating an original mindmap  because, up till now, I used to work with tools like cmaptools or even "Word" and the results weren't as I expected. This web provided me creative ways to develop a mindmap, that’s the main reason I chose it.
In it, you can find lots of different models to include your ideas, so that it can be adapted to your necessities or even use them in the same mindmap as I did. In my opinion this is an important advantage since in most tools I checked, I realized that it was necessary to use the same theme during all the process. I would also stress how easy is to upload images to include in your map, for me it was an important point.
As a drawback I would say that it is quite difficult to organize all the content as you want, but then you get used to it.
In our Masters class, we should make a mindmap related to our CLIL PLE (Personal Learning Environment) and PLN (Personal Learning Network). 

I have to admit that I didn’t know what CLIL was until I take the Masters in Bilingual Education. I'm specialized in Primary and P.E education so I have no the opportunity to learn about it in the career, even in my English subjects. However, as I said before, in this Master I have learnt the concept of CLIL, how to introduce this approach in a class, different materials… and I would like to keep learning about it through different resources.

So, regarding my mind map, I have divided it taking into account the purpose of each one: to communicate and share information, to obtain information, to look for information and to create it. Then I have added the “logos” of the different tools.

Here is my mindmap related to my PLE and PLN:

I look forward to increase my PLE and PLN while learning more about all this methodology.

Thank you for reading and you know that all your comments and suggestions will be well appreciate! 


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